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Monday, 11 April 2011

Five foreigners targeted in neo-Nazi arson atttack in Germany

A group of foreigners were targeted early Sunday in a vicious arson attack by neo-Nazis in the sleepy South German town of Winterbach, according to news reports.

Neo-Nazi thugs tried to burn down a gazebo after five foreigners sought refuge in after fleeing from their assailants.

The foreigners did manage to escape from the burning gazebo, however one of them was severely beaten and injured by three neo-Nazis.

Police did arrest 14 suspects but released them later for lack of sufficient evidence.

The area around Winterbach had in the past been the focus of other racially-motivated crimes following two firebombings of an asylum-seeker home in the town of Waiblingen in 2001 and a Turkish club house in the town of Murrhardt in 2003.

In one of the worst-ever lethal assaults on foreigners in Germany since World War II, a 51-year-old Turkish woman and two Turkish girls, ages 10 and 14, died in an arson attack in the city of Moelln in November 1992.

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