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Saturday, 19 March 2011

White supremacist gets 60 days in jail for threats (Canada)

Self-professed white supremacist Kyle Robert McKee has been sentenced to 60 days in jail after pleading guilty Thursday to three criminal charges -including what Crown prosecutor Janice Rea called "racist motivated threats."

McKee, 25, pleaded guilty to uttering threats and possession of a weapon dangerous to the public in connection with an incident on Feb. 13, and for assaulting a woman at a prior party.

Rea said McKee made the threats when he confronted Jason Divine, who was driving through the southwest neighbourhood and hanging posters, identifying McKee as a member of a neo-Nazi group.

She said McKee made reference in the threats to whether or not Divine needed another visit, alluding to a home invasion last Nov. 8.

No charges have ever been laid in connection with that incident, Rea noted.

Provincial court Judge John Bascom accepted a joint submission for the 60-day total sentence, less credit for 33 days already served. McKee also must provide a DNA sample.

McKee had two attempted murder charges dropped last May in connection with a homemade bomb being planted outside a condo.

Calgary Herald