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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Supremacist rally planned for Saturday (Canada)

City police say they are prepared and have a security plan in place to handle whatever this weekend's white pride rally brings.

Members of the group Blood and Honour handed out pamphlets in Edmonton a few weeks ago to promote the rally in Calgary. They have also invited members from across North America to take part.

Members of the city's Anti-Racist Action group also plan to attend the rally and counter demonstrate.

Police have seen clashes between the two groups in the past and are ready to intervene if required.

"We have a number of officers who have changed their shifts so they are working a regular day on a regular shift this Saturday. We have resources in place so if we need to call them we will," said Inspector Keith Cain from the Calgary Police Service.

Two years ago both groups clashed during a march through the downtown core and police had to step in and restore order.

This year police say they have plans in place to ensure there is not a repeat of that incident.

Police say they don't know how many protestors are expected this Saturday.

 Calgary CTV