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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Soldiers post racist videos on Facebook (Australia)

The Australian Army has launched an investigation into the conduct of soldiers in Afghanistan who posted racist comments and videos on Facebook.

The Seven network has shown the videos which show soldiers referring to Afghans as "sand coons", "dune coons", "niggers", and "smelly locals".

Another is referred to as a "raghead."
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When a local man is shown running away from an explosion, a soldier is heard to say that the blast "scared the f out of that mufti."

A number of soldiers list their employer as a "fing ranga", a reference to Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

The Acting Chief of Army Paul Symon said the behaviour undermines everything Australia is trying to achieve in Afghanistan.

"There will be thousands of soldiers disgusted at what we're looking at," Major-General Symon told the Seven network.

He said the soldiers concerned could face serious consequences.

"When you put words in the public domain you will be held accountable," he said.

Sydney Morning Herald