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Friday, 4 March 2011

Arizona bombing suspects' trial delayed (USA)

A Phoenix judge has agreed to delay the trial of two men accused of being white supremacists who are charged in a 2004 bombing that injured a black city official in Scottsdale, according to court documents obtained Wednesday.

Twin brothers Dennis and Daniel Mahon had been scheduled to go on trial starting March 9, but U.S. District Judge David Campbell last week ordered that the trial be postponed by nine months. It is now scheduled to begin on Jan. 10.

In his order, Campbell said that he was extending the trail date at the brothers' request and based on a "substantial" amount of information disclosed by the government in the case.

The brothers are charged in a bombing on Feb. 26, 2004, when a package detonated in the hands of Don Logan, Scottsdale's diversity director at the time. The explosion injured Logan's hand and arm and also hurt a secretary.

The brothers, who were arrested in June 2009 at their home in Davis Junction, Ill., are charged with conspiracy to damage buildings and property by means of explosive. Authorities found assault weapons, hundreds of rounds of ammunition and white supremacist material in the home.

They have pleaded not guilty. They remain in federal custody.

Their trial date has been postponed several times because of the amount of evidence in their case.

Logan has denied requests to speak about the case but spoke in court during a hearing for Daniel Mahon shortly after his arrest.

"This individual represents hate, and that hate is a danger to the community," Logan said as he repeatedly turned to look Mahon in the eye. "That someone would come to Arizona and launch an attack simply because my skin color is different from theirs, simply because of hate, ... is unconscionable."

In a letter filed as evidence in federal court, Dennis Mahon wrote that he led the White Knights of the KKK from 1987 to 1991, and that brother Daniel was never a member of the group, only a "small money supporter."

Dennis Mahon also is charged with malicious damage of a building by means of explosive and distribution of information related to explosives.