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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Iowa should not cancel domestic terrorism drills (USA)

The Minutemen and 912 project claim outrage over a terror drill scheduled for Pottawattamie County Iowa in which white supremacists angry over immigration shoot a number of U.S. Citizens as well as undocumented immigrants at a high school.

We don’t think this terror scenario is unrealistic as some Minutemen have proven to be domestic terrorists. Recently Shawna Forde, the national leader of one Minutemen organization was convicted on capital murder charges and sentenced to the death penalty in the slaughter of a family of Mexican-American citizens near the border with Arizona, including nine year Brisenia Flores who was shot to death as she begged for her life before her mother. Shawna Forde had been a member of both major Minutemen groups, though eventually booted from one group, and maintained a close relationship to Jim Gilchrist until just after her arrest. Somehow Shawna Forde was able to pass a background check Minutemen claim they run for new members despite a lengthy criminal record.

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