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Monday, 14 March 2011

Introducing Tyson. The EDL's new Dog Defence League's Leader.

Earlier on today whilst surfing the video sharing site You Tube, we came across a video uploaded by an EDL suppoter that reveals a new and interesting development in the EDL's campaign.

Apparently there is now a Doggy division of the protest movement.

This  DDL(Dod Defence League) (sic)  led by the Large Spiked Collared Muzzled Rottweiler Tyson, actively campaign against Muslim taxi drivers who refuse to allow guide dogs into their cabs.

As to why Tyson only feels its necessary to target Muslims taxi driver's who don't allow guide dogs into taxi's rather than any taxi driver that does not allow guide dogs is anybody's ruff guess.

I would ask readers to make up their own my mind as to why an EDL member would take such an "ard" dog to such an event with such a ferocious looking collar.

Here's the video description as it's posted on You Tube, it even has made up words.

And here's Tyson