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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Call for blockade of neo-nazi march in the town of Novy Bydzov (Czech Rep)

Admin Comment : The Neo-Nazi’s in the Czech Rep are extremely violent and dangerous and have carried out many attacks against the Roma people that have resulted in deaths.

Please publicise and circulate this Call to Action and support the Roma people’s plight. 

Call for blockade of neo-nazi march in the town of Novy Bydzov 

Novy Bydzov is a small town of around 7.000 people located on the east from Prague, about one hour driving away. Recently it hit news because of the so-called racial tension between Roma population and white inhabitants, followed by the official statement of the Major of the town saying „Roma people rape, steal and loot in the middle of the day“. Neo-nazis smelt their chance and call for a march through the town.

Their march is organized by the same people as the serious attempt to mass attack on Roma population in Litvinov two years ago. Translated call for action follows:

On Saturday March 12th neonazis are trying to march through the town of Novy Bydzov. The aim of their march is not to propagate nazi ideology in open or more hidden way nor it is to commemorate the death of one of the
nazi leaders. Their aim is to directly terrorize, chicane and to try to attack the Roma population of the town.

History and current praxis of neonazi movement teach us that we have to face it any time it tries to stand up. „Never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee!“, Ernest Hemingway quoted English poet John Donne and in this quote he precisely described the essence of the coming neo-nazi attack on Roma population of Novy Bydzov. Because tomorrow any of you could be the target of their perverse hate; spectrum of their enemies is really wide in the end: Roma people, homeless people, trade unionist, homosexuals, Jews, communists, social democrats and other leftists, alternative youth, feminists, unemployed, anarchists, immigrants...

We are not saying that there are no troubles in the town of Novy Bydzov. But neonazis are coming with the final solution; perverse, inhuman idea which manifested itself with gas chamber during the World War II. We saw
how their solution looks like in praxis two years ago, when the same people marched in the town of Litvinov attacking with Molotovs, home made grenades and bricks. Antifascist movement ignored the event which
we regard as our fault. Short time after that the group of people attending this kind of events attacked Roma family in the town of Vitkov, burning small Roma girl almost to death...

Every time nazis attacked some majority without any resistance, they are stronger. Every time they marched without being faced by the much bigger group of those who they want to eliminate, they are a step further. In
their heads the self-esteem for some similar attack is growing. So never ask for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee!

We call all antifascists to come and block the place of gathering of the nazi demo. The meeting point is Masarykovo namesti in the town of Novy Bydzov at 11:00 (two hours before announced nazi assembly on the same

There would be no organizers on the place as this action could only be describe as something like „civil disobedience“. So have a talk with your friends and come together in bigger or small groups. Have a talk
about to what extend do you want to resist the neo-nazi demo and to what extend are you ready to resist police. The diversity of tactic doesn’t prevent the unity in our aim to block the nazi march. Sit-in blockade, human chain or street barricade do not eliminate each other, but support each other. Just stick to one simple rule: do not criticize actions of other antifascists whatever their tactic is.

Stay united.

Antifascist solidarity group
Map of the place here: