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Thursday, 10 February 2011

FBI investigating possible link between racist pamphlet and Spokane backpack bomb (USA)

A new discovery in Downtown Spokane has peaked the FBI's interest in their backpack bomb investigation.  Auntie's Bookstore employees came across a raciest pamphlet hidden inside a book.

While tidying up the current affairs section of Auntie's Bookstore, Melissa Opel made the disturbing discovery.  She said she was scanning the shelf and found the pamphlet in the front portion of a book.  The pamphlet had a list of printed, anti-Semitic, anti-African American words on it.  Opel said an old date was crossed out and another written in.  She said she could not recall the dates.

At first she did not think much of it.  Then her thoughts turned to the bomb left across the street last month.  She called the FBI.

The pamphlet was found in a book titled "Battle for America" which is about the 2008 presidential election.  Opel wondered if that was part of the message someone wanted to convey.

"Anything with President Obama at his point in time is controversial for folks who would put that kind of literature in a book.  So it didn't surprise me, it was an Obama based book," said Opel.

The FBI picked up the pamphlet Friday and interviewed Opel.  She said talk about the bomb among customers is fading away.  But FBI agents continue to stop in weekly looking for any new information.

The Seattle Times reports that an unnamed source close to the investigation said progress analyzing the bomb at Quantico is slow.  That is because it was wrapped in a lot of duct tape.  Lab technicians are reportedly peeling the tape back a fraction of an inch at a time looking for hairs, fibers or fingerprints.