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Thursday, 3 February 2011


Neo-Nazi related clothing shop in Berlin provokes anger in Northern Norway.

The shop is called “Tromsø”, and Mayor of the town of Tromsø, Arild Hausberg will now ask Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre to help having the name removed. - This is a desecration of the name of Tromsø and I demand that they remove the name from the shop, Hausberg says to iTromsø. The shop is part of a chain that flirts with Nazism and Nazi symbols, he says. Hausberg has sent a letter to the German shop chain Mediatex Gmbh, demanding that they stop using the name Tromsø. He has also contacted the Norwegian Embassy in Berlin and is now going to take up the issue in a meeting with Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre. The shop opened in 2009, and is part of a chain of shops that all have names after Norwegian towns like Narvik, Trondheim, Oseberg, Tønsberg, Haugesund and Larvik. The shop chain sells the clothing brand Thor Steinar, which was banned in Germany in 2004 because of the logo's similarity to symbols worn by SS officers. The company later rebranded, and its new look is legal. The brand uses the Norwegian flag and other Norwegian symbols as central parts of its collection.

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