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Thursday, 20 January 2011

White nationalists to meet in Charlotte (USA)

A magazine described as a platform for white nationalists plans to hold its annual conference in Charlotte next month, smack on the heels of an NAACP leader's description of the city as a "racist bastion."

American Renaissance, a magazine of the nonprofit New Century Foundation, plans a conference Feb. 4-6 at a site yet to be announced.

According to its website, the group advocates "race realism," a belief that race is "the most prominent and divisive" fault line in society.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks such groups, says at Renaissance conferences "racist 'intellectuals' rub shoulders with Klansmen, neo-Nazis and other white supremacists."

Magazine editor Jared Taylor on Wednesday dismissed the criticism.

"They clearly have an axe to grind; we have perfectly ordinary people," said Taylor. "But that's their typical fearmongering. Their purpose is to paint us in the blackest language so people will contribute to them."

Taylor says the conference will be "at a first-class venue." But for security reasons, he won't announce it until 48 hours before.

"The last time the venue came under tremendous pressure," he said, "hundreds of telephone calls saying 'How dare you do business with these awful people?' We don't want to expose a hotel to that kind of pressure."

Monday, NAACP President Kojo Nantambu alluded to the conference at a rally to protest Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools' decision to use the Martin Luther King holiday as a make-up day for students.

"To show you how wicked Charlotte is," he said, "there's going to be a white supremacists' meeting in Charlotte next month."

Many African-Americans disagreed with Nantambu's characterization of the city.

Taylor said he's unsure whether the event will be open to the media.

Charlotte Observer