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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Vandals wreck Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Facebook page on holiday (USA)

An online fan page for the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was vandalized with racist images and messages on Monday's national holiday.

The Facebook page for the legendary civil rights leader contained photos that used the N-word and depicted African Americans as slaves and monkeys.

"Sadly, hate groups have never gone away, and the Internet gives them another way to spread venom," said Steve Klein, the spokesman for the Martin Luther King Jr. Center in Atlanta, which owns the page.

Klein said the defacing of the fan page was not the first online racial incident to come to the attention of the King Center.

"This happens a lot, but I don't think those hateful words or pictures represent a large group of people in the United States," Klein said.

"I just wish more people spent Monday remembering Dr. King's dream, not spreading online hate."

The racist imagery sent shock waves through the online community. "These devils won't even let the poor man rest in peace in death,"read one post yesterday.

It isn't known who vandalized the page.

NY Daily