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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Supremacist Group Targets MLK Event (USA)

It was everything the event was speaking out against. A Martin Luther King celebration Monday in Billings was allegedly targeted by a white supremacy group at MSU Billings in Petro Theatre.

The event had just gotten underway when organizer Eran Thompson said someone threw about 100 flyers into the lobby. He said the flyers were promoting a white supremacy group.

Not In Our Town said it was disheartening, but didn't stop the event.

“It's unfortunate they chose Monday to come drop off leaflets and literature. Not in our Town will take a stance against hate and intolerance. We will use this as an opportunity and motivation to go out and inform the community about these events, and they do really happen, and Monday’s a prime example,” said Ali Hashemzadeh.

Campus police said they responded to an incident at Petro Theatre, but wouldn’t give more details. Thompson said the flyers had the logo on them for a group known as the Creativity Movement.