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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Soldier shouted racist abuse (UK)

A serving soldier who racially abused two English people in Perth was fined £300 and ordered to pay compensation of £200 for his efforts.

William Yeaman (22) of Kestrel Way, Perth, called a female an “English whore” and yelled “fat English boy” at a youth.

Yeaman also assaulted the youth by punching him on July 10.

On Wednesday, Perth Sheriff Court heard Yeaman had attracted the attention of residents of Dunnock Park in Muirton when they heard a disturbance outside at about 11.30pm.

Two residents, both of whom were born and raised in England, went to investigate.

One of them saw Yeaman and asked him to be quiet. He then shouted back “English whore”.

Yeaman approached the woman’s home and entered the garden, standing face-to-face with a male who he called a “fat English boy” and “English t**t”.

Admitting his racist offences, he told cops: “Cos I’m in the wrong. It’s all against me, I accept that.”

Yeaman’s solicitor described the matter as a “disgraceful incident” for which the accused had since apologised.

He said the actions of Yeaman, a first offender, had been out of character.

He also told Sheriff Michael Fletcher a promotion to Lance Corporal for Yeaman was being held off until the outcome.

Yeaman was among a group of soldiers put forward for the promotion, but the only one not to have received it straight away.

He said Yeaman, an army driver involved in weapons, was currently on stand-by to go to Afghanistan in October 2011.

Perth Advertiser