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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Man indicted over 'bomb factory' in California home (USA)

Federal prosecutors in California have filed an eight-count indictment against a man accused of operating a bomb factory out of his home.

George Jakubec, who allegedly had the single largest horde of homemade explosives ever found in the US, is to be arraigned on charges involving the explosives and three bank robberies.

Investigators reportedly recovered nine detonators, 13 grenade casing
and various quantities of high explosives.

State charges were dropped in the case.

Authorities say chemicals similar to those used in mid-air terror plots were found in the house in the southern California town of Escondido.

Police were first called to the 54-year-old's home on 18 November when a gardener caused an explosion in Mr Jakubec's backyard.

Explosive 'hobby'
The house contained so many explosives that officials now plan to burn down the home in order to avoid the risk of incurring injury while transporting chemicals out of the residence.

Crews have begun building a 16ft (4.8m) wall around Mr Jakubec's home in order to protect other houses in the neighbourhood during next week's controlled fire.

Deputy District Attorney Terri Perez told a San Diego County judge on Friday that the case was being transferred to federal jurisdiction.

"A decision was made that the more appropriate venue would be federal court," Mr Perez said.

Mr Jakubec also faces one count of attempted bank robbery. All the alleged bank robberies were committed in 2009 and 2010.

Marina Ivanova, Mr Jakubec's estranged wife, told the San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper he was obsessive about his "hobby".

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