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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Far-right group's meeting cancelled by pub (UK)

Admin comment: Well done to all the members of the Hope Not Hate Facebook page for achieving this.

A pub landlord has shut the door on the English Defence League after they hired out a function room under a different name.

The Kent branch of the EDL – a far-right group set up last year to oppose the spread of Islamic extremism across the country - had made plans to hold a meeting at O'Connells, Chatham, at 8pm tonight.

Labour councillor Vince Maple, who actively campaigns for the Love Music Hate Racism campaign, said the pub had now cancelled the booking.

"I have spoken to pub and police and they confirmed, unsurprisingly, that the room was booked in a different name and the pub had no idea the EDL were planning to use their venue.

"They have now confirmed there will be no meeting of any description tomorrow."

Chief Inspector Peter de Lozey added: "Kent police in Medway have been made aware that there is information circulating that the English Defence League plan to hold a meeting tonight at a public house in Medway.

"We have spoken with the licensee of the pub in question and have been advised that the meeting will not be going ahead."

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