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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Anti Polish Hate Crimes Are Sweeping Scotland (UK)

Back in early December, Rafal Gorski, returned to Poland planning never again to return to Scotland. This is because of all of the racist insults and harassment that he had to put up with. He said while simply walking down the street people would yell out, “F***ing Polish, go back to Poland!”

Of course, the taunts are not enough to make everyone leave. However, if the taunts did not scare people, the threats on their lives and the lives of their families do. Many of the Polish people leaving the area said that they simply could not take day-to-day life in Scotland anymore. This has now put Scotland on the map, but for all the wrong reasons.

The real name of Mr Gorskis was changed by the media in order to protect him. Apparently reports showed that he was allegedly abused. Reports suggest that his neighbor, whose name is not being released, took part in the abuse of the Polish family.

One Polish family, who was interviewed after being attacked, said that the couple that attacked them said that they were stealing jobs from the locals. They said that Polish people had no right to be in Scotland, and they should go back to Poland.

Also, two months ago, police in Scotland found graffiti on a bridge that said, “Polish C**ts, Get out of Scotland.” Police statistics show reports of hate crimes against other white people have risen fivefold in Scotland over recent years. Experts say that the hate crimes on Polish people are the main cause of this. A 2008 study found that there was an increase in racial tension in the Highlands. Eastern Europeans were among the most frequently targeted.