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Our intention is to inform people of racist, homophobic, religious extreme hate speech perpetrators across social networking internet sites. And we also aim to be a focal point for people to access information and resources to report such perpetrators to appropriate web sites, governmental departments and law enforcement agencies around the world.

We will also post relevant news worthy items and information on Human rights issues, racism, extremist individuals and groups and far right political parties from around the world although predominantly Britain.

Monday, 22 November 2010

UK police target Internet hate promoters. And we are going to give them a hand.

Recently in the UK a conference was held in Birmingham.

This conference, which was called the National Hate Crime Conference, had representatives in attendance from various police branches and departments, the Crown Prosecution Service and a number of community groups.

During this event the following statement was made by one of the representatives:

“The conference aims to increase the number of hate crimes reported, bring more offenders to justice and fight hate crime on the internet.”

Such a powerful statement and stance by this well represented group could not have come at a better time for those of us fighting racism online.

There is a common myth perpetuated by the UK’s Internet trolls, racists and bigots; that they can post and say anything online and they will not be arrested, prosecuted or convicted

Recently a number of convictions have disproved this myth.

Due to this fact we have now created a step-by-step guide to what laws these idiots are breaking, how to gather the evidence, how to report them and who to report them to.

Several of our supporters are also posting a video on You Tube advertising this guide, to spread the word as far as we can.

We are sure that many of the trolls and racist won’t be too happy about us advertising this, and will try their best to stop us getting this information out there.

Please visit the step-by-step guide here.