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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Two men charged with making racist and abusive threats to takeaway owner (UK)

Two men accused of making racist and abusive telephone threats to the owner of a takeaway are to face a crown court judge.

Joynal Ali, 25, of Dixon Street, Lincoln, and Mohammed Ali Noor, 20, of Hunt Lea Avenue, Lincoln, are each charged with one offence.

It is alleged that between January 13 and June 14, last year they caused Ofiekur Khan, of the Burton Spice Indian Takeaway, in Lincoln, to fear, on at least two occasions, that violence would be used against him.

The Crown says Mr Khan received 31 nasty phone calls, including one where threats were made to kill him by setting his business on fire.

Another call threatening to kill the businessman ended with the word Paki, as did a call for a delivery to Monks Road, the Crown says.

Both defendants indicated no pleas.

Magistrates said it would be appropriate to send the case to Lincoln Crown Court.

The accused were granted unconditional bail to appear back in court on January 19 for the case to be sent to crown court.

This is Lincolnshire