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Monday, 8 November 2010

Protesters show racists who's boss (UK)

 Thousands marched in London on Saturday in a mass demonstration of solidarity against the rise of racism.

Protesters from all over the country marched to Parliament holding banners that read: "No to racism, fascism and Islamophobia" and chanting: "There are more of us than you."

The demonstration and carnival, organised by Love Music Hate Racism and Unite Against Fascism, was called in response to the rise of far-right groups EDL and BNP in Britain and growing racism and fascism in Europe and beyond.

Marcher Gabriella Trimblett told the Morning Star: "The rise of Islamophobia, the hooliganism of the EDL and its brainwashing is very concerning and the fear and hatred-stirring needs to be countered with awareness and education."

Graham McKnight, also on the march, said: "I'm here to show my hatred for the BNP and EDL, my love for music and to express my belief that immigration is beneficial to our country.

"Immigrants are the first to suffer during a recession and we cannot sit back while EDL organises rallies on our streets and the BNP has two seats in the European parliament."

The anti-fascist revellers danced to music by the Specials' founder Jerry Dammers, Muslim pop group Mumzy, DJ Rugrat and eclectic Manchester band Kid British.

Speeches were also made by Respect Party leader and former MP George Galloway, Love Music Hate Racism co-ordinator Martin Smith, Green Party MEP Jean Lambert, TUC assistant general secretary Kay Carberry and UAF's Weyman Bennett.

Mr Galloway said: "It's great to see everyone from different creeds and colours - because black or white, this is what we are and this is what we like."

He referred to the distinction between the different evils of fascism and racism and called on demonstrators to do everything in their power to defend Muslims.

Unite regional secretary for London and Eastern region Steve Hart told the Morning Star: "It's really important that we show that there is a very strong voice against racism and fascism that's sweeping Europe.

"The biggest threat this country faces is the exploitation of latent racism and xenophobia by groups such as the EDL and BNP."

And National Union of Teachers deputy general secretary Kevin Courtney warned of the "cancer and poison" of racism in classrooms and said greater efforts need to be made to stamp it out.

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