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Saturday, 6 November 2010

Nick Griffin admitted to hospital days before court date (UK)

BNP leader undergoing tests for suspected kidney stones

Nick Griffin, the BNP leader, has been admitted to hospital with suspected kidney stones days before he is due back in court over an attempt to have him jailed.

The MEP and British National party chairman is undergoing tests near his home in Welshpool, Wales, after suffering back and stomach pain, a party spokesman said.

"I am very keen on being in court on Monday as I believe there is going to be a judgment in favour of the British National party," Griffin said in a statement.

"I am waiting on the result of a series of tests on my kidneys and gall bladder and then the doctors will decide what course of action to take."

The Commission for Equality and Human Rights has applied for the committal of Griffin, deputy Simon Darby and party officer Tanya Lumby over allegations that the BNP has failed to remove potentially racist clauses from its constitution.

Griffin, who is representing himself, has countered with an application for the cases to be thrown out.

The move to jail them was adjourned in September at the high court. At a brief hearing in London before Mrs Justice Nicola Davies, it was agreed the actions should be heard by two judges and be transferred to the divisional court for a two-day hearing starting on 8 November.

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