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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Dutch recall 'fascist' number plates (Netherlands)

Dutch authorities have recalled about 100 number plates issued to new cars with the letters "NSB" -- the acronym of the World War II-era fascist National Socialist Movement, a spokesman said Tuesday.

"There appears to have been a programming error that was discovered on Monday morning," Dutch Vehicle Authority (RDW) spokesman Hans van Geenhuizen told AFP.

NSB is one of several letter combinations, also including KKK (for Ku Klux Klan) and PKK (for the separatist Kurdistan Workers' Party), that have been programmed not to come up when new plate numbers are automatically generated, he said.

"Being reminded of the NSB leaves most Dutch people uneasy."

New plates have been issued to all affected cars, none of which have left the shop floor.

The RDW also has a ban on letter combinations with the names of political parties, swear words, or the PSV of football club Eindhoven.

"If you live in Amsterdam and you are a staunch Ajax supporter, you might not feel very happy driving around in a car marked PSV," explained Van Geenhuizen

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