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Monday, 1 November 2010

Centre opens in The Gateway, Warrington (UK)

A centre for reporting disability hate crime has opened in Warrington town centre.

Despite official statistics that say no such crimes have ever been committed in Warrington, the police and charities accept this is not the case.

Speak Up at the Gateway support people with learning difficulties to make informed decisions, participate and contribute in their community and take control of their lives.

Pip Horne, a support worker, said: “From anecdotal evidence that people share with us we can legitimately feed back on low level incidents so the police get a full picture and can hopefully step in before individuals reach crisis.”

These types of crimes are the most unreported nationally.

Several high-profile deaths, including those of Fiona Pilkington and her daughter Francecca Hardwick in Leicestershire, have increased awareness.

The service was given accreditation by Cheshire police and Sergeant Steven Hilton-Smith presented them with their certificate.

James Gibbs, the north west regional co-coordinator for Voice UK, a national disability hate crime charity, said: “It’s good to see another centre has opened in Warrington, we know the main barrier to tackling these types of crimes is the fact that is goes largely unreported.”

Anyone who has or knows anyone who has been the victim of a disability hate crime can report it to Speak Up at the Gateway on Sankey Street.

Other community reporting centres in the Gateway include the Citizens’ Advice Bureau and the Vulnerable Tenants Support Scheme.

Warrington Guardian