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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Activists' children allowed to return home after break-in

A Calgary anti-racism activist was told by the province that his children can return home after the family's home was invaded by what he calls white supremacists.

Jason Devine and his friend were viciously beaten up in the southeast home Monday by a group of five men armed with hammers and bats.

His friend suffered a broken arm while Devine sported bruises up and down his back.

Devine's wife Bonnie, who ran unsuccessfully for mayor in last month's municipal election, and four children were asleep in a nearby bedroom but were unharmed.

Devine says his home was targeted as retaliation for posting anti-racist pamphlets near the home of a known neo-Nazi.

But Jason Devine says he felt he was revictimized when Alberta Children and Youth Services got involved two days after the attack because he says the department likened them to gang members or drug dealers.

"They said just as gang members and drug dealers put their kids in dangerous situations because they have drugs, our activism, no matter how worthy it is, is putting our children at risk," Devine says.

Calgary police say they had contacted Children and Youth Services about the case because of the degree of violence and the history of violence against the family.

The children had been staying with relatives since the attack but are now allowed to return home.

The department cannot comment on individual cases but says if contacted, they are obligated to assess the safety of the children. They said their aim is always to keep families together.