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Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Border control officers say large numbers of illegal immigrants come to Denmark via Sweden

Border control police at Copenhagen Airport say they are frustrated at the amount of illegal immigrants who enter Denmark each day from Sweden due to a lack of border control, reports Jyllands-Posten newspaper. Airport police believe that a lack of border control means that between 300-400 people illegally enter the country each day. According to the police, illegal immigrants come to Denmark on the train from Malmö, Sweden. The figures, according to police, have been compiled during an effort to prevent illegal immigration that started in February 2009. As part of the effort, five officers board the train at Copenhagen Airport. On average, they are able to identify five illegal immigrants by the time the train arrives at the next stop. The police also point out that illegal immigrants are likely to be travelling by car over the Øresund Bridge. Airport police have proposed putting 200 police officers into a control department in the capital, which would then monitor activity and make arrests if necessary. The move has already received backing from the right-wing Danish People’s Party.