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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Man Blames Fires on Arsonist Targeting Neo-Nazi Bill White (USA)

Three fires in one southwest Roanoke neighborhood over the past month have neighbors on edge.

Some believe imprisoned neo-Nazi leader Bill White may be the common denominator.

Investigators are working the case to find out if a connection is legitimate.

Dallas Powell spends his days buying, rehabbing then renting out properties but has never had as much trouble as he has since he bought this home on Patterson Avenue.

"I knew that he owned it before, but honestly I didn't think anything would happen," said Powell.
It is one of many homes that used to be owned by neo-Nazi Bill White, who is serving a stretch in prison for various hate crimes.

In September, arsonists tried to burn the house down to no avail. Three weeks later there was another fire. This time it was upstairs.

Still under investigation, Powell says it can't be anything else but arson.

"At that point in time I was pretty confident they were going after Bill White," Powell said.

In between it all, a home still owned by White, also caught on fire, although that has been ruled electrical.
"There's no indication, at all, that the two fires at 832 Patterson Avenue are any way related to Bill White,"
said Allen Williams, with the Roanoke Police Department.

Something Powell doesn't buy.

"They told me that there's quite a possibility they are connected," he says.

Taking no chances, Powell has put up signs and called the press, begging whoever may be responsible to stop.

"There might be a little humor in the signs but the reality is that I need to notify this arsonist that Bill White does not own this house, so please leave me alone," said Powell.

Officials are still investigating these fires, and say a connection has not been completely ruled out.