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Monday, 18 October 2010

Glentoran fan is target for BNP (Northern Ireland)

A Glentoran fan who stood up to the BNP is now being targeted by the far-right party.

Graeme Moore — treasurer of Castlereagh Glentoran Supporters’ Club — said last week that Glentoran fans did not want to be associated with the BNP after members canvassed for support outside the Oval last weekend.

Now senior members of Nick Griffin’s BNP have launched an online campaign urging their followers to contact Graeme.

The BNP’s new Northern Ireland organiser Steve Moore from Larne posted a photo of Graeme on his Facebook page.

Above the picture he’s written: “This is Graeme Moore, the guy who thinks he represents the views of all Glentoran supporters about the BNP presence at the Oval.

“Perhaps you would like to make your views felt to him!”

Steve Moore also included a link to Graeme’s Facebook page so BNP supporters can contact him.

Another BNP follower, Jim White, has posted the number of Glentoran Supporters’ Club on Steve Moore’s Facebook profile.

Last week Sunday Life revealed how Steve Moore masterminded a BNP leaflet drop in his home town of Larne.

Graeme did not want to talk about how he felt about being targeted — and would only comment: “I’m disappointed at this latest development.”

After BNP supporters turned up at the Oval last week Graeme told a reporter: “I noticed the BNP presence and I have to say that I was a little puzzled. In the run up to elections we sometimes get mainstream parties outside the ground but this was very unusual.

“I wasn’t interested in what they were doing so I didn't go any closer to see what exactly they were doing.

“They were outside the ground so there is nothing the club can do but it’s not something the supporters want to have to see.”

A small group of BNP supporters gathered outside the Glentoran versus Glenavon football game with placards demanding the withdrawal of British soldiers from the Middle East as well as handing out flyers and a petition.

East Belfast DUP MLA Robin Newton described the presence of the BNP at the football game as uninvited and unwelcome.

Belfast Telegraph