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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Drunk jailed for racist attack on Seven Sisters passenger (UK)

 A drunkard who unleashed a foul-mouthed racist rant after being woken up by a Seven Sisters employee has been jailed.

IT worker Noel Anthony Walker, of Camden, was found drunk and semi-conscious at the Victoria Line station by the member of staff on August 25.

But when he tried to help Walker, he was racially abused Walker pleaded guilty at Haringey Magistrates Court earlier this month for racially aggravated harassment and causing alarm and distress to a Tube worker. He was sentenced to eight weeks in jail, suspended for 12 months, plus a nine-month supervision order and must enrol on a nine-month alcohol treatment programme.

A passenger who overheard the remarks challenged Walker over his racist rant and the pair ended up in a tussle. The British Transport Police were called and Walker was arrested and later charged.

Aidan Harris, manager of London Underground's workplace violence unit, said: "There was no need for Walker's offensive rant, especially as our member of staff was trying to help him when he was clearly too intoxicated to look after himself.

"This supervision order and nine months alcohol treatment will hopefully make Walker reconsider his actions in the future."

British Transport Police Inspector Kate Shaw said: "The member of staff was merely trying to help Walker but was racially abused for his trouble.

"Behaviour such as this will not be tolerated and I hope the victim feels that justice has been done with the sentence handed to Walker."

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