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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Christian Democrat dissidents back coalition but remain anti-Wilders (Netherlands)

The two Christian Democrat MPs who object to forming a coalition which involves the anti-Islam PVV said on Tuesday evening they were still against the alliance.

The two – Kathleen Ferrier and Ad Koppejan – voted in favour of the new government set-up on Tuesday afternoon, opening the way for the Netherlands’ first minority government in over 60 years.

But the duo told tv and radio programmes later that they were still against the political link-up with Geert Wilders’ party. And if cabinet plans threaten to discriminate against Muslims and immigrants, they will vote against them.

Votes‘Geert Wilders is not rid of us yet,’ Koppejan was quoted as saying.

‘We know 30% of the CDA support us,’ Ferrier said, referring to the no vote at last weekend’s CDA conference.

For example, she said: ‘if [new rules on] integration courses are being used as an excuse used to deport people, we will stop that.’
CDA leader Maxime Verhagen said after the meeting that all CDA MPs shared their concerns. ‘All 21 will follow the cabinet with a critical eye,’ he said.

But Geert Wilders said after a final meeting with Verhagen and VVD leader Mark Rutte that the agreement reached on policy areas of specific concern to the PVV remained unchanged. ‘We will not give a millimetre,’ the anti-Islam campaigner told reporters.

That agreement covers tighter rules on family reunions, denationalisation and criminalising illegal immigration. Many of the proposals it contains are against international and European law.

Opposition MPs said they doubted that the new coalition, which will control 76 of the 150 seats in parliament, will be stable.

Now the coalition deal has been finalised, VVD leader Rutte is expected to begin the process of appointing ministers.

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