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Friday, 15 October 2010

Ainsworth backs Racism: Kick It Out at Shrewsbury Town (UK)

Shrewsbury winger Lionel Ainsworth has cited racist abuse as a teenager as one of the reasons for  backing the Racism: Kick It Out day at the Prostar Meadow.

"It was in a youth game when I was 15. I didn't make a fuss, but I was mad inside," he told BBC Radio Shropshire.

As an ambassador for the scheme, the 23-year-old believes Kick It Out has helped improve things over the years.

"There's not the huge abuse I've heard about from the past, plus there's been a big influx of foreign players."
Ainsworth has the backing of his team-mates at Shrewsbury to mark the Kick It Out fortnight.

"Old fashioned banter could be hurtful. Nowadays it's all about what's happened on a night out, things like that," he added.

"Whether players are black, white, yellow, whatever - everyone's got to be protected, especially younger ones, and the dressing room wants to see this through.

"My mum was brave to marry a black man, and she told me a few stories about those days.
"I'm thinking about my mother, my friends, everyone who's suffered abuse.

"Nowadays it's more noticeable when things are said, but it is better now. I'm grateful for the Kick It Out campaign, and so are many players.

"I'm a black Englishman and very proud of it. I've played for England at various levels, and I want to get to the top and play for them again."

The 2010 Kick It Out campaign lasts for a fortnight, Shrewsbury starting their contribution to it at their home game with Lincoln on 16 October.

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