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Sunday, 3 October 2010

Aide to Barack Obama was on white supremacist's hit list (USA)

President Obama's top White House political advisor was on the hit-list of a white supremacist who shot dead a security guard at the US Holocaust Memorial museum in Washington, it has emerged. 

James von Brunn chose David Axelrod as a target because he believed that Mr Obama was "too hard to reach" and the political consultant was at the centre of the president's inner circle, Time magazine reported.
"Obama was created by Jews," von Brunn wrote in a notebook. "Obama does what his Jew owners tell him to do." Mr Axelrod, who helped mastermind Mr Obama's 2008 election success, is Jewish.

Von Brunn, 89, killed an African American guard at the Holocaust museum last year but died in prison before his murder case reached trial.

"The episode sent a jolt through the FBI and [The Department of Homeland Security]," Time reported. "Von Brunn had demonstrated motive, means and intent to kill one of the President's closest aides. The Secret Service assigned Axelrod a protection detail and took other, undisclosed steps to broaden its coverage."

Officials such as Mr Axelrod would not receive protection unless authorised by the Department of Homeland Security and approved by the White House. He is now seen with Secret Service bodyguards when he was back in his home city of Chicago on routine visits to sports events and restaurants.

Von Brunn was wounded in the head during the museum attack at the museum and later died in jail while undergoing mental health evaluation. Prosecutors said that he wanted to send a message to the Jewish community that the Holocaust was a hoax.

 The Telegraph