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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Racist thug battered Polish prisoner with 10kg weightlifting bar

Keith Porter will appear in court for battering a Polish prisoner while he was in jail for trying to kill another immigrant.

A violent thug who battered his Polish victim with a 10kg weightlifting bar while in jail for a racially-motivated attack is to be sentenced.

Keith Porter will appear in court the High Court in Edinburgh on Wednesday for carrying out an unprovoked assault on a Polish victim in prison.

The High Court in Inverness heard that 22-year-old Porter had been remanded in custody for an earlier assault when he decided to attack Daniel Kaizer, 28. The attack happened in the gym at Craiginches Prison in Aberdeen on December 4 last year.

Months earlier, Porter had pounced on Jaroslaw Janeczek. Porter punched and stamped on the 39-year-old, and kicked a three-foot stick inside him until it was hidden in his body.

In November, Porter pleaded guilty to attempted murder and co-accused George Stewart admitted assault to severe injury. Sentence had been deferred for a month for background social inquiry reports to be prepared.

On December 4, while awaiting sentence, Porter decided to launch another vicious attack on Mr Kaizer, leaving him scarred for life.

At the same time, Stewart attacked another Polish inmate in the prison gym. He too was convicted of assault on Friday. Lord Woolman told Stewart that it was a minor assault which would not normally have come to the High Court and fined him £250 with no time to pay.

Advocate depute Andrew Bowen told Lord Woolman of Porter's history of previous convictions which included a racially motivated assault in 2005, and two other more serious offences of assault to sever injury.

However it was the attempted murder conviction in November last year which prompted Mr Bowden to seek a risk assessment order on Mr Porter because, he said, "of the pattern of offending which posed a serious risk to the public."

Lord Woolman agreed and told Porter: "It is extremely troubling that you have been convicted on a second charge of attempted murder in such a short period. It is entirely appropriate that a risk assessment should be sought before deciding what the proper disposal should be."