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Sunday, 12 September 2010

EDL and Muslim against Crusades clash at US Embassy in London

Groups from the EDL and the Muslim Against Crusades clashed as they recognised the 9/11 attacks in London.
The English Defence League held a march of a few hundred people remembering the 9/11 attacks outside the US Embassy by the laying of a wreath. They continued to march to the Saudi Arabian Embassy and shouted the usual anti-Muslim chants.

Later outside the US Embassy a similar sized group from the Muslim Against Crusades, including Anjem Choudary demonstrated forcefully with much anti-Western, pro-extreme Islamic rhetoric. This was followed by the burning of the US and UK flag, as well as a photograph of Pastor Terry Jones.

The EDL returned to the US Embassy to protest against the Muslim Against Crusades prescence, and apart from a few minor scuffles and tension this finished relatively peacefully.

This was one of the few times that the EDL have come close to the focus of their hatred, and on this occasion their voice and prescence had little consequence.