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Saturday, 7 August 2010

Mayor defends Cork town from anti- Semitism charges (Ireland)

The Mayor of Midleton has defended the east Cork town after an anti-Semitic page attacking orthodox Jews on a vacation there was published on Facebook.

It was later taken down after protests by Jewish leaders.

The existence of the site titled “the Invasion of Jews in Midleton" was first reported by IrishCentral.com and was later picked up by the Jerusalem Post among other leading Jewish newspapers.

The page, was created after the arrival of a number of Orthodox Satmar Jews into the East Cork town best known for Jameson’s distillery for a two-week vacation.

Among the slurs were pictures of menacing looking Jews, a reference to the nearby town of Ovens and a large number of messages approving of the site.

The Mayor of Midleton, Niall O’Neill, said the anti-Semitic comments posted on the page did not no way representative of the local people.

“Facebook is a forum for discussion for individuals to post individual opinions; it is no more and no less than that. The people of Midleton would certainly not be considered a community that would not extend a warm welcome to people of all shades, colors and creeds,” he said.

Mr O’Neill stated: “There’s been no case in point where there have been issues with any people, from any background, coming to the town."

Fred Rosehill, the chairman of the trustees of Cork’s Jewish community, said he was deeply upset.

“The strictly Orthodox dress brings attention of course, but it doesn’t warrant this.

“There is no reason to accept any form of anti-Semitism.”

He added: “The reference to Ovens is quite startling.”
Irish Central