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Monday, 9 August 2010

Man who attacked gay couple jailed for six years (UK)

A 21-year-old man from Oxford who brutally attacked a gay couple has been jailed for six years.

Lewis Buck - who pleaded guilty to a charge of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm - was sentenced at Oxford Cown Court.

According to the Oxford Mail, he was lucky not to have killed 27-year-old victim, Stephen Furze, whom he stabbed in the abdomen just weeks after New Year.

The incident happened when Furze and his partner, Tim Samways, were walking through Summertown on 27 Janurary when Buck challenged them to a fight.

After attempting to punch Furze, Buck stabbed him with a 9cm knife, piercing his liver.

Surgeons at the John Radcliffe Hospital said Furze was “extremely fortunate” that the blade had not ruptured an artery.

Judge Patrick Eccles said: “Fortunately for the victim, Mr Furze, and also fortunately for you, it did not cause a grievous injury. Someone in that position was at risk of grave injury or indeed death.”

He added: “Whatever was going through your mind, you brought a knife back to threaten him and stab him.

“You cornered him, threatened to inflict pain on him with the knife, and got him in isolation where he could not escape from you and then you deliberately stabbed him in the stomach.”

Buck is expected to serve at least half of his sentence.

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