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Monday, 5 July 2010

Over 70 detained at "new Gárda" event (Hungary)

Hungarian National Gárda Police detained over 70 people as a group calling itself Hungarian National Gárda commemorated on Sunday the outlawed militia the Magyar Gárda, which was dissolved a year ago. Some 1,000 people were present at the event in downtown Erzsébet tér yesterday afternoon.
Police secured the area with a huge presence and no disturbances were reported. Before the ceremony, police targeted those wearing khaki trousers and black T-shirts who threw bottles, and insults, at police officers.
Several Jobbik MPs spoke at the function and called the legality of the police action into doubt. Jobbik MP Sándor Pörzse, Tamás Gaudi Nagy and Calvinist pastor Lóránt Hegedűs Jr. criticised the legislative practice of the Fidesz-Christian Democrat government, claiming that the spirit of governing of the past eight years is continuing.
Jobbik chairman Gábor Vona said the cabinet has not honoured its promises to hold accountable the former ruling politicians.

Those detained were in possession of air guns and imitation weapons, Budapest Police announced on Sunday afternoon.