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Friday, 2 July 2010


Morocco voiced "growing" concern about the increasing Islamophobia, Morocco's Ambassador to the international organizations Omar Znibar said on Tuesday in Astana (Kazakhstan). Speaking at a conference of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), Znibar underlined the importance to "strongly condemn the confusion, made by the media and some public discourses, between any religion and terrorism". The Moroccan delegation attending the event reiterated its call on the OSCE to adopt a declaration and/or decision on fighting discrimination against Muslims, similar to the anti-Semitism declaration that was issued by the organisation at Berlin conference. Morocco’s openness, tolerance and attachment to promoting good neighbourhood, respecting minority rights and encouraging the peaceful settlement of conflicts, enabled the Kingdom to play a crucial role in terms of dialogue between cultures and religions, Znibar added. The delegation also stressed the need to establish a partnership between States, civil society and the media in order to promote the values of tolerance, dialogue and mutual respect. Morocco commended the OSCE’s efforts to fight anti-Semitism, Zniber said, recalling that the Kingdom was the first Arab country to sign an agreement with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum to cooperate in the fields of archives and the opening of classified files relating to the past anti-Semitic persecution and actions.

The OSCE High-Level conference on Tolerance and Non-Discrimination, held on June 29-30, focuses on Sharing positive experiences and best practices in boosting tolerance and non-discrimination.

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