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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Jobbik deputy group leader sacked for voicing concern over uniformed wing

Jobbik's deputy parliamentary group leader Lajos Posze has been removed from his post because of his comments distancing himself from the Hungarian Guard Movement, the uniformed arm of the party, are unacceptable, the leader of the radical nationalist party Gabor Vona told reporters on Monday.

Posze told conservative daily Magyar Nemzet at the weekend that it was unfortunate that the party's name was so often associated with the Guard - which has been outlawed - and other extremists. He said that his view was shared by several other members of the party's parliamentary group.

Vona told MTI that Posze's sacking served as a warning but further measures would not be taken. He said there was no difference of opinion between Jobbik and the Guard and added that the "friendly, brotherly relations" between the party and the movement would persist in the future.

Vona said that Posze had admitted fault in connection with his statement. He added that all MPs of the party have contributed 50,000 forints (EUR 173) each to a fund to help those they believe have been persecuted for practicing "their political right, the right to assembly."

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