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Sunday, 18 July 2010

BNP hate party face ruin over joke Marmite ad

Nick Griffin’s racist BNP is facing financial ruin after featuring Marmite in an ­election broadcast.

The party was hit with a massive claim – estimated at up to £170,000 – over the TV stunt, in which leader Griffin was ­pictured beside a huge jar of the spread.

The party then showed a jar of Marmite – slogan “Love it or hate it” – with its own motto “Love Britain Vote BNP”.
Griffin claimed he intended the film as a humorous dig at Marmite, who he ­believed had mocked the BNP in their online and TV ads featuring a “Love Party” and their rivals the “Hate Party”, whose leader appeared to be loosely based on Griffin.

But bosses at Marmite makers ­Unilever were furious at the BNP broadcast and began High Court proceedings for breach of copyright.

BNP caved in and the amount claimed is put by insiders at between £70,000 and £170,000.

Former National Organiser Eddy Butler has said the BNP is “on the brink of bankruptcy”.

And last night a ­spokesman for anti-racism group Searchlight said: “The Marmite fiasco has been a ­disaster from start to finish for ­Griffin.”

Unilever confirmed a settlement had been reached but said the terms were confidential.

Sunday Mirror