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Our intention is to inform people of racist, homophobic, religious extreme hate speech perpetrators across social networking internet sites. And we also aim to be a focal point for people to access information and resources to report such perpetrators to appropriate web sites, governmental departments and law enforcement agencies around the world.

We will also post relevant news worthy items and information on Human rights issues, racism, extremist individuals and groups and far right political parties from around the world although predominantly Britain.

Friday, 4 June 2010

UAF launce new website without so much as a fanfare. (UK)

As the BNP website problems continue to be a source of embarrassment to the party. Another nail in the coffin has been hammered home with a much needed modernisation of the United Against Fascism “UAF” website, which has largely gone unnoticed.

Gone is the badly designed site as the new one is much more user friendly and far more pleasing to the eye.

Support or not support the UAF is a personal choice but we welcome the new website as another formative tool in the fight against the far right in Britain.

to visit the site please click Here