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Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Out of all ethnic minorities, Czechs have the worst relation to Romanies, whom three-quarters of them consider unlikable, according to poll the CVVM agency released Friday. Apart from themselves, Czechs like Slovaks the most. Nine in ten Czechs like Slovaks. Czechs also like Poles, Greeks and Jews, the poll showed. Their assessment of Romanies sharply differs from their approach to the other minorities. On the seven-mark scale, they received the worst mark from two-fifths of the country's inhabitants. Only 14 percent of people described Romanies as likeable. Last year the Czechs' relation to the Romany minority was even worse. Seventy-seven percent of them said they resented Romanies and only 9 percent expressed friendly relations to them. In all similar polls the CVVM has held since 2003, the Czechs have expressed highest sympathies for themselves.

In the latest polls, they gave the mark 1.56 to themselves on the scale where 1 and 7 are the best and the worst marks, respectively. Slovaks received the mark 1.91, with only 4 percent of Czechs calling them unlikeable. Positive assessment from over 50 percent of Czechs was also received by the Greeks, Jews and Germans, while Bulgarians are viewed as likeable by slightly below 50 percent of Czechs. Positive assessment also prevails in relation to the Hungarian minority. Serbs, Russians and Vietnamese are viewed as likeable and unlikeable by about the same number of Czechs. Anthipaties prevail in the Czechs' relation to Romanians, Ukrainians and Albanians. The poll was conducted on 1079 people over 15 in early March. It focused on 15 ethnic minorities living in the Czech Republic.

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