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Saturday, 12 June 2010

Neo-Nazi group hopes to found political party by September (Chile)

According to a report published by Emol today, a Neo Nazi group whose formal name is Patria Nueva Sociedad, hopes to have enough signatures by September this year to end its 11 year-long project to form an official political party.

Alex López, who heads the national-socialist movement, reports that while seven people are formally enrolled in the party, the group boasts more than 7 thousand participants.

The so called ¨harmless¨ number of official members was apparently the reason that the group was permitted to continue operating in 2006, when a group of congressmen accompanied by Movilh (Movement for the Integration and Liberation of Homosexuals) and Juventud Judía (a Jewish youth group) appealed to the Constitutional Tribunal so that the group would be declared illegal. The appeal was launched on the grounds that the want-to-be party was responsible for various Neo-Nazi movements between 2002 and 2006.
Despite the fact that Chile´s National Intelligence Agency released a report this year declaring the party to be unconstitutional, López maintains that the movement has made changes since the 2006 appeal and will continue working to establish itself as an official party.

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