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Thursday, 17 June 2010


In Navapolatsk police investigates a criminal case related to neo-Nazi writings which had emerged in the city. In the framework of the investigation they hold searches at the places of human rights activists. They lodge complaints to the prosecutor’s office, but are sent strange letters in response. A human rights activist Dzmitry Salauyou calls the answer from the prosecutor’s office of Navapolatsk in reply to his complaint ‘a provocation’. The answer is signed by the city prosecutor A. Ausyuk. Dzmitry Salauyou has filed a complaint against actions of policemen who searched the flat belonging to him in the framework of the criminal case under Article 341 of the Criminal Code (related to fascist writings which appeared in Navapolatsk), “Belarusian partisan” informs. The human rights activist attracts attention to the facts that were set forth in the answer of the city prosecutor. These facts do not reflect reality. “A number of persons have been interrogated in this case, and one of them testified that about two years ago he met guys who offered him to become a member of the Young Front organisation. The headquarters of the organization were situated in Alimpiyskaya Street, 2 in Navapolatsk, on the ground floor, left to the entrance, and it was a room with several tables, a computer, books, flags of different states… In autumn 2009, on the request of those young people, he painted a swastika on the wall of the headquarters in the street…”

Dzmitry Salauyou stated that since 2003, when he received that office, the Young Front organization had never been there:

“Young people really gather here, but there have never been the Young Front there. Activists often visit the office, Moladz BPF for instance, and others who are engaged in cultural studies and activities”. The human rights activist is sure that it is a provocation. “It is a total lie. They are not searching the neo-Nazis who had painted the swastika in the city. I received denials three times; I was written that there is no criminal offence in the actions of these people. And now they are simply trying to frame-up a case, and the reasons for that are unknown for me. It is inexplicable in general, why the prosecution bodies and police do not catch these neo-Nazis, but create problems for other people. They are trying to daub us with mud and put a certain label to us,” Salauyou stressed. The human rights activist prepares a new complaint to the prosecutor’s office.

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