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Friday, 14 May 2010

Racist caged for Muslim camp Attack (Scotland)

A vicious racist thug who screamed vile abuse at Muslim campers as they prayed at a Scots beauty spot was yesterday caged for 14 months.

Twisted Cameron Gilroy, 20, and his nine pals shouted 'P***', 'n******' and 'go back to the Caribbean' at the families who had travelled from Manchester to stay at Loch Lomond.

The dad-of-one then lobbed a lit rag through the smashed window of one of the traumatised tourists' cars - completely destroying the £5,000 motor.

Yesterday Sheriff Andrew Cubie branded the attack last June at Sallochy Bay, near Rowardennan, Stirlingshire, "absolutely appalling".
Gilroy and his pals had gone "wild camping" at the beauty spot - and ended up pitched next to Ali Muhiyye, Mahmound Muhiyye, Abdul Sharief, Bilal Sharief, Amar Sharief, Yasser Sharief, and Mussab Sharief.

But after a night of heavy drinking they started rowing with the Muslims after borrowing a torch.

As the group were finishing their pre-meal prayers before settling down to enjoy a barbecue Gilroy launched a tirade of sick slurs.
Prosecutor Sue Ruta told the court: "On one occasion the accused approached the tent of the complainers shouting 'f****** b******* and n******. Come on, we fight you faster'." The families ignored them and went to sleep - planning to move to another site the next day.

But the court heard that during the night they were awoken when the "tent started shaking" - and saw the ten yobs waiting outside.
Miss Ruta said: "The accused was heard saying 'move back to your own country'." The windows of a car were then smashed and Gilroy set a piece of petrol-soaked rag alight and threw it into the car.

Two of the tourists managed to put out the flames, but later they heard a "booming sound" as the car was set alight again - and saw Gilroy and his pals running off.

Yesterday at Stirling Sheriff Court jobless Gilroy, of Drumchapel, Glasgow, admitted wilful fire raising and shouting racist abuse. Jailing him, Sheriff Cubie said: "The courts in Stirling are sick of people coming into the area from the big city and taking part in fights while camping.

"In your case this was compounded by obnoxious anti-social behaviour towards visitors from Manchester and which culminated in you destroying a vehicle by fire."

In February The Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park Authority cited the attack when revealing plans to ban "wild camping".

The Scotish Sun