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Saturday, 1 May 2010

Police file charges against chapter of outlawed Hungarian Guard

Police have filed charges against ten leaders of a chapter of the banned Hungarian Guard for violating the laws of assembly, a local police officer told MTI on Thursday.

An investigation found the "New Hungarian Guard Movement" - which changed its name to avoid being identified with its banned predecessor - amounted to a continuation of the Hungarian Guard's activities, said Eva Kelemen. The Hajdu-Bihar county chapter of the new movement in the east of Hungary has been implicated.
The Hungarian Guard Movement is the uniformed wing of the radical nationalist Jobbik party.

The investigators argued that the organisation "in its accessories and value system can be regarded as synonymous [with the outlawed Hungarian Guard], its activities helping the banned organisation live on."

The police declined to state what particular incident had triggered the legal action, but Edit Pocsai, Deputy Prosecutor-General for Hajdu-Bihar county, told MTI that the charges were raised as the consequence of a demonstration attended by Guard members in Debrecen, also in eastern Hungary, on October 22 last year.
Poiltics Hu