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Tuesday, 25 May 2010


The Czech Movement for an effective solution to the issue of unadaptable people plans a demonstration outside the Chamber of Deputies over an attack by two Romany teenagers on a 13-year-old majority population boy in Krupka, north Bohemia, its head Pavel Vanicek said yesterday. The movement wants all perpetrators of racially-motivated acts to be justly punished. The attack took place in end-April. Police spokeswoman Ilona Novotna said two perpetrators aged 14 and 17 brutally beat up the boy. His injuries included a ripped spleen. Novotna confirmed the attack had a racial subtext. The perpetrators were soon detained. The older was accused of robbery and of causing serious bodily harm with a racial subtext. The younger boy is minor and he cannot be prosecuted. He has been placed in an institute for problematic children and youth. Photographs of the beaten-up boy were posted on the Internet a few days after the attack. Rightist extremists compare the incident with last year's arson attack in Vitkov, north Moravia, in which a girl, then two years old, suffered burns to 80 percent of her body. She has survived, but with permanent harm to her health. The attack in Krupka has been sharply criticised by Tomas Vandas, chairman of the extremist Workers' Party of Social Justice (DSSS).

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