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Friday, 28 May 2010

Jobbik maintains plan to set up paramilitary organization

The radical nationalist Jobbik party plans to set up a new "national" paramilitary organisation and it is eyeing June 4, the anniversary of the Trianon treaty, as the date of the guard's inauguration, Nepszabadsag daily said on Friday.

"We will set up a state reserve force, the Hungarian National Guard, which will be able to continually support and supply the army with new staff, as well as to protect important assets in the country," said the opposition party's programme.

The new organisation expects to rely on members of the banned Hungarian Guard. Jobbik plans the organisation to provide civil defence and disaster management tasks, and to come under the army's command should there be a war.

Jobbik leader Gabor Vona has made it clear that the party has not given up on the idea of setting up a new guard despite the fact that it would need governing party Fidesz's support to set up a true "state-run reserve force". If it cannot be run by the state then Jobbik will insist on its being a civil organisation, the paper said.

Fidesz, which is forming the new government, has ruled out allowing any kind of paramilitary-type organisation to be formed.

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