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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Hunt for neo-Nazi’s deadly chemicals still continues

A stash of deadly ingredients used by a white supremacist to concoct a chemical weapon is still being hunted.

Toxic substances bought by neo-Nazi Ian Davison to manufacture ricin remains unaccounted for after he was sentenced to 10 years behind bars for his part in a terror plot.

Detectives claim only a small proportion of the substances purchased by the right-wing extremist have been found and officers will interrogate Davison in his cell to find the rest.

It is thought the remaining hoard of chemicals has the potential to kill hundreds of people.

Davison was a founder member of the Aryan Strike Force, a white supremacist website with members around the world who shared the ideals of Adolf Hitler.
The 42-year-old racist manufactured enough ricin to kill nine people and kept it in a jar in his kitchen for two years.
But on May 14th he was jailed for 10 years at Newcastle Crown Court, alongside his teenage son Nicky, a fellow member of the supremacist group, when he became the first person in the country to be convicted and jailed for producing a chemical weapon.

Davison Jnr was sentenced to two years in a young offenders’ institution.

Judge John Milford said the website was operating on an “international level” and he told Davison: “The internet deploys many benefits on mankind but presents those with extreme views to exchange and feed their view with the like-minded. This is exactly what happened on this particular website.”

Davison Snr, of Myrtle Grove, Burnopfield, County Durham, previously admitted producing a chemical weapon, preparing acts of terrorism, three counts of possessing material useful to commit acts of terror and one count of possessing a prohibited weapon.

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