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Sunday, 2 May 2010

English Defence League protest leads to 12 arrests

Twelve people have been arrested during a protest which attracted more than 800 people organised by the English Defence League in Buckinghamshire.

The EDL, which says it opposes "militant Islam", organised the protest in Aylesbury's Market Square earlier.

A police spokesman said that "on the whole" the protest had been peaceful but there had been "some disorder".
Eight of the people arrested were being held on suspicion of carrying offensive weapons.

Police said there were fewer protestors than the EDL had anticipated.

The group has held demonstrations over recent months in Manchester, Bolton and Derby.

Counter protest
Supt Richard List, of Aylesbury police, said: "We made it very clear to the EDL at the outset that we would not tolerate any disorder on the day and that there would be a significant police presence.

"The police operation will continue until we are totally satisfied that there are no risks or threats to public safety."
A counter protest was held in Vale Park earlier, but has since dispersed.

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