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Thursday, 13 May 2010

BNP "slams" Royal Mail after leaflets row

Parcel delivery staff in London have come under scrutiny from the British National Party (BNP) after about 3,000 leaflets went missing.

Those representing the BNP in South-West Hertfordshire have demanded an investigation into the matter and the local police have been informed, according to the Watford Observer.

Simon Deacon from the party said: "We don't know what difference these leaflets could have made ... we will never know because somebody at the Post Office decided that some people should not see these leaflets."
He added that residents of the constituency should be able to choose what election material they read and suggested the party's performance on May 6th could have been better if the flyers had been distributed.

The newspaper reports employees at the parcel delivery company have been accused of deliberately misplacing the items and that Hertfordshire Constabulary and Royal Mail are looking into the allegations.

The BNP received 1,302 votes in the recent ballot and Conservatives took the seat with 30,773 nods. Liberal Democrats were in second place with 15,853 compared to Labour's 6,526.

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